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Photography courtesy of:
Heather Williams, Faces Photography


  1. How does it work?
    When you order service, we will reserve your webcast channel, create a web page (which can contain up to five photos) and create an eCard (wedding evite) for you to send to the guests you wish to attend via the internet. Your webcast channel will be open for 2 days; the day before and the day of your wedding.

  2. What do I need?
    What is needed is a video camera with a fire wire connection (or preferred video capture connection) to a computer or laptop which has access to a high-speed DSL/Broadband Internet connection. Upon the confirmation of your order, we would send you the link to the software download (along with your user authentication information) which will be used to convert the video signal and send it to our server.

  3. How will my guests view the wedding using your service?
    Users who wish to view your wedding, would log on to WebcastMyWedding.net to view your wedding at the time of the event. The link provided in the eCard we create for you will drive them to your wedding webcast location on our website.

  4. How much does it cost?
    We have multiple levels of service for simultaneous viewer stream licenses.  Our base service package is $189 for a stream that supports up to 25 simultaneous viewers. The pricing for greater levels of service are located on the order form.

  5. What if I am having an outdoor wedding?
    We have webcasted events before using a wireless broadband service provider's air card and a laptop with a fire wire connection to the camera or live feed from a multi-camera setup. Although a hard-wired connection is preferable and recommended, an outdoor webcast can be successful, provided that the wireless broadband connection is strong. Please keep in mind that the length of your webcast is subject to the battery life of your laptop.
  6. Who do we contact if we have questions or need assistance?
    If you need help or have further questions, send an email to techs@webcastmywedding.net.
  7. Will I be able to view my webcast at a later date? If so, for how long?
    The base packages allows you to have an on-demand archive for 10 days. Annual archiving is available. Visitors may view your wedding as many times as they like during the time the archive is active.
  8. How many people will be able to look at my wedding webcast?
    The number of people who visit your wedding webcast page can run into the hundreds, even thousands. However, the number of simultaneous users (all viewing at the same time) is limited according to the level of service you order.
  9. Can someone from your company be present to make sure the connections are working, and if yes how much would that cost?
    Yes.  One of our consultants can be present to make sure all the connections are working, and additionally, webcast the event for you.  While there at the event, the consultant would establish the connection to the server, make sure the audio and video feed from the camera(s) are coming in to the computer, and actually do the task of streaming the content for you, which allows you to concentrate more on catering to your guests.  The fee for this is $750.00 per day (per consultant) plus travel expenses.  Most often, only one consultant is needed for this.  This does not include video filming, production or editing services.
  10. Is it possible to do some editing after the live webcast?
    The webcasting service does not include video filming and editing services, however, we do have video production service partners.
  11. What happens if the webcast "doesn't happen" for whatever reason?
    Our service is based on setting up, reserving and opening your webcast channel to allow for live streaming, along with setting up your webpage and eCard.  Since the fee charged is a service setup fee for a one-time event, the following would apply in this case.  Once we setup, reserve or open the webcast channel and webpage, service is then considered delivered.  However, if you cancel prior to 15 days before the scheduled wedding, or if we determine that service was not delivered due to technical difficulties from our end, or for any reason that is due to our negligence, we will issue a full refund. Generally, we are not responsible for cancellations, reschedulings or the failure to utilize the webcasting service. In some unique cases, we will allow one time to reschedule the event as long as the request is submitted at least 15 business days prior to the initially scheduled event. If you cancel your account within 15 days prior to the wedding date, we will refund 50% of the service fee. A refund will not be issued for accounts that are not cancelled prior to 2 days before the scheduled wedding date.
  12. How do I get started?
    Click HERE to be directed to our sign-up form. Choose your level of service from the dropdown menu, fill-in all the blanks and click the [ORDER NOW] button to be taken to the order confirmation page. There you will have the option to finalize your order by paying with your credit card.
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